About Us
"And we have certainly honored the children of Adam and carried them on the land and sea and provided for them of the good things and preferred them over much of what we have created, with [definite] preference."  The Holy Quran.
Tose Afarinesh Bartar (God’s Best Creation Development) tries to develop and make long- term impact on human as God’s best creation. It seeks to build capacities, raise people’s awareness in addition to encouraging and promoting philanthropic actions. It pursues multidimensional fields including social and cultural activities plus scientific studies. 
Tose Afarinesh Bartar (TAB) places a great emphasis on providing the latest information about Mashiz charity as one of the best charities in Iran concerning providing care for children deprived of parental care at H4C (home for children). 
Mashiz Charity
Inspired by Islamic faith and guided by its values, Mashiz runs on a non-governmental and non- political basis serving round the clock for rendering services to humanity. Owing to more than 25 years of experience it has the honor to be in ECOSOC and to receive several appreciations and awards such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) award, Statue of appreciation, Appreciation for health and treatment services.
Mashiz envisions a society where the children deprived of parental care and underprivileged children are empowered and reintegrated back to their families and community to reach preferential status in access to due H4C, education, health, treatment and employment.
It pursues a mission of love, mission of loving God and its best creation. It shares and demonstrate affection and live out its faith by extending care to human beings who have the right to live dignified. Mashiz programs are as follows:
  •  Protecting children from social harms 

  •  Providing homes for children as alternative care

  •  Reintegrating children back to their family or society

  •  Ensuring children and  the needy people access to  treatment and medicine 

  •   Preventing close exposure of children to addiction or social harms

  •   Empowering disabled persons 

  •   Providing rehabilitative centers for disabled persons

  •   Providing medical centers

  •   Providing educational services 

  •  Supporting the needy students financially 

  •   Supporting families in need through Samavie Plan

  •   Emergency responses 

  •  Supporting prisoners who have committed unintentional crimes and prisoner’s family.

It must be mentioned that Mashiz website is under construction and TAB covers all the information about Mashiz charity.