To improve the level of practical knowledge of staff and handler;

This workshop held on 15 & 16 October in the Theater Hall of Reyhaneh Educational and Nonprofit complex

Publish Date: ۰۹:۴۲ - ۲۹ October ۲۰۱۸

Afarineshebaratar-Recognition basics and principles of care for the elderly, disabled and chronic psychiatric patients workshop was organized by the Kowsar Mashiz charity on 15 & 16 October in theater hall of the Reyhaneh educational and nonprofit complex.

The two day workshop was attended by boarding careers (Madaryaran) and personnel of the martyr Fayyaz Bakhsh rehabilitation and care center for mental and physical disabilities.

The professors of this course on the first day, describes how to handle, treat and maintain with the elderly, the disabled and chronic psychiatric patients, and on the second day to provide health, medical, dentistry and nutrition information for the care of this cortex.

It should be noted that 414 disabilities are maintained and trained at the Fayyaz Bakhsh center (rehabilitation of the mentally and physically handicapped)and Hazrat Aboulfazl center (for mentally retarded children of the 14-year-old boy) boarding center.

Holding understanding Basic principle of care for elderly, disabled and chronic psychiatric patients workshop by Kowsar Mashiz charity

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