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Mohammad Reza Sadeghi Nezhad, Deputy Chief Financial Officer of Mashiz charity, attended the gathering of children at four girls' and boys' H4C to examine their issues.

Publish Date: ۱۲:۱۸ - ۱۹ November ۲۰۱۸


Mohammad Reza Sadeghi Nezhad, the Deputy chief financial officer of Mashiz charity attended the gathering of children at four girls' and boys' H4C to examine their issues and shortcomings.

During this 5-hour visit attended by managers of different areas of Mashiz, children of Kerman at H4C expressed their gratitude to the efforts to express their demands in the areas of education, sport, education and welfare. Further, the managers of each part answered the children's question and proposed appropriate strategies.

Mr. Sadeghi Nezhad, at this meeting said all the efforts made at Mashiz is to raise the quality and quantity of the children's lives and said," The efforts of the founders of charity are making a bright future for you, and we ask you to study and try to enjoy life and be successful”.

He described Mashiz is an exceptional opportunity for children in need to achieve great aspirations and continuted "Mashiz mobilized the best educational, sporting, educational facilities to give you a brilliant future you can seize this opportunity to the best of all."

The financial and administrative deputy of Mashiz emphasized, "You, as the children of Mashiz, should learn the demands of respect and justice and try to defend yourself from your rights and fight for it. Be sure that the whole society is neither voting nor in favor of you, you must prepare yourself for accepting the opposing opinions in society."


Mashiz is an exceptional opportunity to achieve great aspirations

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