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Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mashiz charity;

Mohammad Hussein Eskandari Zadeh declared H4C will be set up to protect and support children deprived of parental care with the aim of reducing social harm in different parts of the country.

Publish Date: ۱۵:۰۷ - ۳۰ April ۲۰۱۸

Afarineshebartar- Chief Executive Officer of Mashiz declared; H4C will be set up to protect and support children without parental care with the aim of reducing social harm in different parts of the country. Mr. Eskandari Zadeh said, " Since Mashiz charity aims at developing and improving living conditions of a number of children at risk it has established H4C and  Hazrat Zahra Educational center for girls in Kerman , which this approach helps in empowering children as well as preventing and reducing the consequences of social harms. He continued since the establishment of the educational Center, 1622 of children without parental care were accepted, of whom 1962 have been reintegrated to community, currently there are 275 children living at H4C.

 Mr. Eskandari Zadeh said that Mashiz charity has succeeded in raising successful children; the number of children granting university acceptance plus entering different higher education institutions has raised to 95% per year. Since the establishment, 245 people have entered university, 74 are studying and 171 persons have been graduated, while 100 of the graduated children are now working at this institute. He emphasized other services including paying the educational expenses from preschool to the end of higher education, health care costs, medical and dental services, orthodontics and tests, marriage expenses, preparing dowry and the provision of layette and other services are provided.


The emphasis of Mashiz charity activities in over a quarter century of charity activities

Social development is the main purpose and goal of Mashiz as it operates on four main principles including organizing and empowering children who call for need and support in the form of H4C and alternative care, rehabilitation center for mental –physical disabled persons, providing low-cost health care services and optimal quality in the form of health care centers, as well as developing superior talents and educating innovative and successful children in the form of educational complex.  Currently there are 24 centers, including 18 homes for boys and girls, an educational centers, four health centers and two disability centers in Kerman, Boushehr, Qazvin, Sistan and Baluchestan and Tehran which, are established and managed by this institute.

Setting up the most equipped and advanced centers for disabled persons in the country

 The chairman of the board of directors of Mashiz charity refers to Mashiz activities in providing training and skills for disabled persons to enter the market. Aboulfazl Al-Abbas mental weakness rehabilitation and training center has been stablished for developing the potential abilities for disabled boys over 14 years old. The center tries to provide the necessary training and skills for disabled to enter the market and help them enjoy from the benefits of an independent life.

Mr. Eskandari Zadeh continued "Aboulfazl Al-Abbas rehabilitation and training center has accepted 291 mentally disabled persons so far which 217 of them have been successful at work and the rest are being trained.

Up to now 45 persons have entered job market and 33 got married. Mr. Eskandari Zadeh further explained about the programs of Mashiz charity for disabled persons and referred to the rehabilitation and training center for physic-mentally disabled people emphasizing that the management of this center has been transferred to Mashiz charity since 2015.

This center currently has 77 mentally disabled people under the age of 14, including girls and boys, of whom 35 persons are abandoned and 42 have family. The disabled are kept in two different separate sections of "isolated" and "non-isolated "section. The number of disabled people in the isolated section is 43 and the number of non-isolated is 34. The admitted children are divided into two groups of movement disabilities and children with mental disabilities which the ways of protecting them are different based on their type of disability.


Over seven million Iranians have benefited from Mashiz medical services

Four medical centers have been set up by Mashiz charity ( medical and dental clinic of Hazrat Aboulfazl, specialized clinic of Seyyed-Al-Shohola , specialized clinic of Fatemeh Al-Zahra and the specialized clinic of Mashiz charity clinic)   so far more than seven million different groups of society specially for low-income groups have benefited from the health services .

Mr. Eskandari Zadeh stated that Mashiz charity has one of the most equipped medical and dental clinics in Kerman and Tehran that includes various units such as special oral and dental care, pediatric dentistry, cardiology clinic, sonography, diagnostic Laboratory, pharmacy, physiotherapy section, injections and dressings, temporary admission , information center, and emergencies.  More than 51,000 fellow countrymen have benefited from special ambulance services. It should be noted that the clinic and dental care with the most insurance organizations, has been cooperating and trying to work at least with the minimum government tax and receive it as in installments in order to serve the honorable people, especially low-income groups. 

Reyhaneh educational complex in the top academies of Iran

 Due to the fundamental role of education as a key role in the development of human resources, Mashiz charity has established Reyhaneh non-governmental educational complex for girls with the structure of more than 10,000 meters and a capacity of 1,000 students at all levels of education. Since its establishment, 7,365 people have been admitted and trained at different levels of education. It should be mentioned that the education directors and trainers of Reyhaneh educational complex has tried their best to  upgrade the level of science and education of students to the highest and most competitive levels with the community elite. On this track, significant achievements have also been gained including the success of 428 students and the total number of 573 pre-university students who could enter to the top universities of the country.  Mohammad Hussein Eskandari Zadeh added, Reyhaneh educational complex has the most equipped training courses, computer site, labs, libraries, math and creativity workshops, game room, thought room, gymnastics, mini-basketball, mini-volleyball, handball, tennis and aerobics, the swimming pool, the grass field, the dining hall and the prayer room, which are constantly being emphasized on the update of facilities and the use of modern educational technologies in this complex.


Mashiz Corporate social responsibility award


Mashiz charity has the honour to be one of the largest charity which was successful to achieve corporate social responsibility award with the presence of the president. Eskandari Zadeh refered to the experienced staff and added "in order to raise the level of awareness and knowledge of staff and to provide more favorable services to the purpose community, I can proudly announce that so far, 625 hours of specialized and applied training have been planned and implemented".

He furthur explained about other programs such as Hazrat Zahra's restaurant aiming at providing free food to more than 1,200 needy  in the neighborhood and deprived areas. It should be noted that this plan distributes 6,000 product baskets each year among the needy and families which include more than eleven data-x-items of essential goods. 

With regards to ongoing projects and home stablishment for children and extending the alternative care,  Mohammad Hussein Eskandari Zadeh announced about the establishment of children's home for seven to twelve years old and establishment of children's home for  thirteen to eighteen years olds. He also mentioned about setting up the first specialist anesthesia dentistry office for disabled persons in the southeastern country, set up a moving dental clinic, set up a center for oral disorders, nutrition and swallow for the disabled, set up a drug prevention and abuse center and a preparing home for the children  and running workshops for boys' recruitment , as part of the future program of the Institute.

Eskandari Zadeh in the final part of his speech talked about establishment of "Health neighborhood" with the permission of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education in the deprived areas of Kerman city and explained this plan consist health centers, self-employed workshop for female head of household, gym, restaurant, addiction treatment center, and special guest room for companion patient. In conclusion he expressed his hope for reaching the goals of “Health Neighborhood" plan by using the facilities and the proper implementation, he also considered the plan suitable for society to prevent social harm and related issues. At the end he called for more attention and effort for extending and developing society.


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