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Dr.Parvin Abbaspour,chairman of the board of Kosar Mashiz said,

Since the establishment of Mashiz charity , two main factors played a key role in the success of Mashiz charity: the clarity of institute in financial system and prevention from pretension in social responsibility.

Publish Date: ۱۰:۴۳ - ۰۱ December ۲۰۱۸

Afarineshebartar-  "As an owner of corporate social responsibility awards with 20 Homes for children , four health centers, two centers for training and rehabilitation of the disabled and a nonprofit educational complex, it is our honor to see our duty to provide services to the needy, in particular the deprived areas. We have tried to have effective role in social responsibility which is an effective step in coping with social problems and improving the health of the country which has a coherent strategy and program to expand its activities in the future"

Following is an interview with Dr. Parvin Abbaspour, the chairman of the board of Mahsiz charity concerning social responsibility and the role of Charity in promoting the level of this important responsibility in society.


In your opinion, how much of organization’s attitude is effective on the expansion of activities related to social responsibility, is there an example regarding this issue to be under your supervision? 


With regard to the concept of social responsibility and due to the usage of human, nature and economic resources, organizations are responsible in leadership and management of the organizations in the target society. The organization's social responsibility in relation to organizational responsibility go beyond the resources and advance social benefits. In fact, the guidance and leadership of the organization with considering responsibility is to act towards society and the social environment.

When this thought is institutionalized in all mental –objective activities of the organization by the leader and managers of the organization as a strategy, it becomes an organizational culture at different levels of the organization.

For example, the participation of individuals to deposit at the credit Institution in order to profit and take advantage of the facilities to meet the necessary needs has been able to engage in widespread activities in the area of ​​social responsibility, such as " Low-interest loans to small businesses to create jobs”,” protecting children at risk at H4C",” Rehabilitation centers for mental -physical retardation”, “Medical center to health promotion of low income groups” and other activities which produces social capital from the participation idea of people in collective charity services and individual profits for social investment.


Basically, the corporate social responsibility process leads to the indirect benefit of the organization? Have you ever done market development projects with this approach?


Undoubtedly, social benefit is a decent result of the social responsibility process, as the result causes social welfare, it would encompass all aspects of society which can be considered as a win-win mechanism in the performance of the organization. As social responsibility runs an effective method it leads to motivating and improving efficiency and effectiveness in organization and consequently the organization receives higher productivity and greater benefits. The most important projects that have been carried out so far with this approach include “development of nongovernmental educational centers and clinics” which are always in these centers that provide quality services and utilizes community experience and knowledge, especially for low-income groups with efficient management.  The benefits of these projects as a part of social responsibility process returns to the higher acceptability service cycle and spends on development and improvement of H4C, rehabilitation and other centers quality.



 What do you think about the phrase “the process of implementing social responsibility projects leads to profitability of the organization" and have you come up with a practical example of whether or not these phrases have been used?


If the process of social responsibility is logically and legitimately carried out by an organization, it will surely have profitability. The institute has focused on economic investment in all aspects of social responsibility, especially ethical, legal and humanitarian dimensions, and has paid off the benefits of this sector on the path to social welfare improvement. Example and cases for reducing and preventing social harm is mentioned in previous answers.


Please list the projects that you have implemented with the social responsibility approach at the institute.


This institute intends to provide the necessary infrastructure for livelihood of people in society, especially the target community who receive proper and expert planning. In addition, the needy people achieve self-sufficiency which also prevent social harms from poverty and unemployment. In this regard, and in the first step, this institute decides to educate new entrepreneurship techniques to cover people which is the most important task which improves the attitude of these persons to economic dimension of life. It should be noted that the institute has already implemented projects such as:

"Establishment of the Anti-Addiction Populations Office", "Setting up a sewing and confectionery didactic and generative workshop", "Creating jobs for more than 100 children who successfully left the program," Creating jobs for more than 15 children’s family", "Planning for Entrepreneurship for children at the program  and  those discharged from centers”, "Helping the poor people in Kerman", "Emergency responses to earthquake  stroke people in different provinces", "Helping the education and treatment of the poor”, “H4C  for children without parental care”, "Mental retardation and rehabilitation centers",” Medical centers”, and "Reyhaneh nonprofit educational complex".


Between the projects in the organization, which are defined by the social responsibility approach, which one do you like most? Please provide reasons for it.


According to the vision and mission of Mashiz which is participating in development of human resources to reduce and prevent social harm we try to shelter the vulnerable group of the society. Owing to current community status and the most effected group which are the innocent children our aim is to protect the children from social harms. The main issues that our society and community tackles with is the crisis of family breakdown due to poverty, addiction or divorce. The most vulnerable family members are the children as the main elements of the society thus 20 homes for children  have the responsibility to the provide a safe and suitable home-like environment for them which is one of the most proudest and effective activities in the area of social responsibility. According to verse 32 of Surah Maida, "One helps a person, helps society." It can be a perfect example of the implementation of social responsibility based on the provision of a safe and suitable home-like environment for them.   


Since the social responsibility process has different dimensions, what steps have you taken as the manager of a set in other sections of social responsibility? These include corporate governance, human rights, employee rights and work, environment, fair activity, consumer rights and community development.


As you know, corporate governance is a set of relationships between shareholders, executives, and managers of a company that involves establishing a control system in order to comply with the shareholders' rights and properly enforce the approvals of the forum and prevent potential abuses.


This rule, based on the accountability and social responsibility system is a set of duties and responsibilities that must be taken up by the institute’s pillars to provide responsiveness and clarity. Owing to the clarity of the financial system of Mashiz charity and avoiding from both pretending in social responsibly and rendering specific political and economic activities, this institute is as one of the most well-known institutes in the field since its establishment. In the field of human rights, the promotion of awareness of the rights of citizens and social freedoms by their education has been considered. Also employee salaries and work activities provided suitable working environments have been provided for those working in the institute and receive appropriate salaries and benefits from other activities of this institution which has been in line with social activities, particularly in the case of children without parental care or children who are as well as mentally or physically retarded. Future plan and projects of Institute are; providing available water resources in the province of Kerman, such as sun and wind, livelihood for the indigenous people in each region. Also, providing appropriate low-cost health care services and the method of installment, especially dentistry, creating and employing nearly 500 people in different departments of the Institute, and creating a suitable and up to date standard for people living with social harm are the most important activities of this institute. It goes without saying that among all activities of the institute, educating the children leads to future crises prevention, as they can be introduced as healthy and successful people in order to carry on their real mission, and also it contributes to the development of structured and coherent elements of society.


If you are supposed to have a limited budget that you should either spend on qualifying your goods or services or use a social responsibility project, which one would you choose?


The answer to this question can have both dimension, and this answer can be determined in accordance with the general goals and policies of the organization. But it may be more appropriate if the quality of the service and goods to be increased with the existing budget.


One of the main dimensions of social responsibility is the commitment to the principle of clarity. In your opinion, how successful have you been in organizational clarity and free access to confidential information inside and outside the organization?


Clarity in social responsibility can be the undeniable principle of the success of an organization. In addition to presenting a clear report of its social activities, it is a motivational factor among the benevolent people of the community and leads to the development of social activities. Perhaps the most appropriate solution is the clarity of social activities, the holding of a conference with the presence of all those responsible in the community, the owners of industry and individuals, in addition to providing a complete report on the description of activities undertaken, incentives for different people, both real and legal. Since these institutions have limited financial resources, with the join of these individuals into the field of social activities, not only the institution will be faced with unlimited financial resources, it can even expand its social activities in different sectors of society with the best quality of services.



The social acceptability of organizations always places customers and audiences in an organization in the form of loyalty. To what extent would you be able to reach loyal customer groups and why do you know the cause of this loyalty?


The clear reason can be the mission of an institution that always evaluates social benefits on the organization's economic profit, and its performance based on  laws and regulations is responsive to respect the citizenship and the environment which this undoubtedly receive satisfaction. This leads to the sustainability and trust of customers of the target community and stakeholders who are interacting with the organization,


Do you believe that in our society effective groups (government, enterprises, NGOs and people) have acted on social responsibility? What if you want to have a request in each section that is consistent with your organization's mission and that the ruling spirit is also responsible?



Although the social responsibility of organizations has existed in the international community since 90's, this new conceptual framework in our country is still far from reaching its true concept. However, in our religious and national culture, the concepts of altruism, people’s right, zakat, charity, sacrifice, and unity are among the main dimensions of social responsibility.

Because of the developing society, this process in a global form in our country moves in a low speed but with the efforts of the custodians and elites of the country's management community, it is being institutionalized and cultivated. But in terms of expectations and requests, we expect the government, especially its management levels, to look at NGOs as contributors, rather than rivals and social responsibilities as a supervisory authority. We also expect the NGOs to interact with each other to provide an opportunity to share the volunteering participation and the incentive of philanthropic act .We also expect the priority goals of enterprises to be serving and providing benefit to the community and not target the self-economic gains.


Have you taken international standards such as environmental and social responsibility in areas related to social responsibility? What are the reasons for getting them and their necessity in your organization?


So far we haven’t, but this institute has been seeking ISOs and preparatory stages of ISO 9001-2015 for H4C and ISO10004 for treatment centers and ISO 1707 for laboratories.


As a committed, responsible and accountable manager, what do you know about the social responsibility of the state and what advice do you have in this regard?


Regarding the national organization with a legal structure and special duties such as providing social welfare, health, education, employment, economics, policy and management of various sectors of society and, providing all the needs of the people, the social responsibility of this large organization is very influential and necessary. As our society moves on the path to development, it is necessary for the state to assume its social responsibility in the discussion of sustainable social development that play a role in some of the strategies for preventing and controlling social harm. Therefore, it is advisable for:

  1. Governments to protect citizenship rights with a clear and accountable function, the government can secure the trust of citizens and all of the people and provide the floor for people's participation so that civil society can act as a strong force in fulfilling this mission.

b.. Governments to use the capacity and potentials of NGOs which can achieve its goals in fulfilling its social responsibilities, including reducing the government, empowering the people, increasing social capital, confronting and solving social problems.

  1. Drafting legal bills to establish and run NGOs in order to meet the goals of these organizations. Providing effective and technical governance approach to provide satisfaction and a better life across people’s lives, therefore whatever is prerequisite for this process is in the category of social responsibility


Is there anything else you want to add?


Mashiz Charity intends to use the national and international knowledge and experience to develop sustainable social development and make positive changes in its activities in the areas of education, health, entrepreneurship and social services. Researching and producing knowledge related to its fields of activity in order to play its leading role in the process of social responsibility can take an effective step in the institutionalization of the culture of social responsibility of governmental and non-governmental organizations, so this institute launched " TAB foundation" in which research and development intends to continue its activities deeper and with deeper impact. At the end, we thank to the presidential office, the Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs, and the secretariat of the National Symposium on Social Responsibility of Iran, which is planning to hold the National Symposium on Social Responsibility in Iran, we believe that such measures will provide effective assistance in facilitating and sustaining in this desirable process.





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