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The governor of Bushehr met the financial and administrative deputy of Mashiz

According to Dr. Abdul Karim Gravand, the benevolent actions of Mashiz reduces social harms in society. He believes that participating and collaborating in such affair is everyone’s duty.

Publish Date: ۱۶:۱۹ - ۲۹ December ۲۰۱۸

Afarineshebartar _ In this meeting Bushehr Governor Abdul Karim Gravand appreciated the benevolent efforts of Mashiz which aims at reducing social damages in country in particular Bushehr province. He stressed that they are ready to cooperate with Mashiz charity in line with the benevolent goals of this institute.

He entitled the actions of Mashiz charity,   valuable as it reduces the social damages in the community. He stated that “we are all obliged to participate in this humanly effort."

During this visit, Mohammad Reza Sadeghi Nejad presented a report on the activities of the institute in various domains of social, health, educational and disability fields. In the meeting, Dr. Ali Polladi Rai Shahri, the director general of Bushehr Province Welfare and Dr. Moradi, the director of public contribution of Mashiz Charity institute said: "Mashiz Institute is a non-governmental organization which 26 years ago has been founded by the good intentions of Mr. Eskandari Zadeh and his esteemed wife. Today, with the support of benevolent founders and efforts of more than 600 personnel, this institute is one of the largest and most well-known charity organizations in the country.

 Governor General of Mashiz: Mashiz measures reduces social harms in the community

311 children in the provinces of Kerman, Sistan and Baluchestan, Zahedan and Bushehr are covered and protected by this institution. Mashiz centers in Bushehr was established in 2013 and during its 5 years of activity it has been able to maintain and train 42 children. And now 19 children are protected at this center


Mr.Sadeghi Nejad also pointed out other activities of Mashiz and stressed that there are 19 family-like centers in the provinces of Kerman, Sistan and Baluchestan, Zahedan and Qazvin, 4 health centers in the provinces of Kerman and Tehran, 2 rehabilitation centers and 1 educational complex in four educational levels in Kerman province to serve the society.


In this meeting he also called for Bushehr province officials’ support to expand Mashiz activities in Bushehr province, and to accelerate the construction of new family-like centers.


At the end of his visit, it was decided to hold furthered meetings with the benefactors of Bushehr province on building new Mashiz centers, and receiving contributions to expedite the construction of this project coordinately and coherently.

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