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Mashiz ensures disabled are empowered and have access to health services. We run two separate centers: rehabilitation and care center plus rehabilitation and training center with different aims and age group.

Publish Date: ۱۶:۱۹ - ۲۹ December ۲۰۱۸

The rehabilitation and care center

Mashiz runs rehabilitation and care center since April 2015 for the mentally - disabled and physical- mentally disabled persons. This center currently protects 83 disabled persons under the age of 14. Children at this center are divided into two groups based on disability types with different protection approaches. Children are protected into two separate sections of “isolation “and “non-isolation”.  At the isolation section those with contagious infectious disease or any other type of issues are protected in a safe and clean section separately.

l Physical - mentally disabled children: The number of physical - mentally disabled children at the center are 55 (29 girls and 26 boys) in which are sheltered in isolation setting with 3 separate rooms. The isolation section is well-equipped, safe and clean area with several different safe toys. Children at this center have access to medical and treatment services. We provide physiotherapist,

physicians, and doctors for children to checks their children’s health status every week; when treatment is needed every effort is put to support children’s treatment and health status. Concerning children’s health, a separate and clean room is provided for staff to change children’s diapers. Physical disabled children also access to physiotherapist which treats children’s physical health status 2 times per week.

l Healthy meals are prepared for children; the quality of foods are also monitored constantly by a nutrition. And children’s eating habits and nutrition are also checked.

With regards to meeting children’s emotional needs, Mashiz has arranged a spiritual support program for children. At this program people who do not have any grandchild, child or family have an opportunity to share their love with children.

l Mentally disabled children: The number of mentally disabled children at the center are 28 (11 girls and 17 boys) which these children are protected and sheltered in different section.

Governor General of Mashiz: Mashiz measures reduces social harms in the community

Rehabilitation and training center

Mashiz rehabilitation and training center provides daily educational and rehabilitation services to mentally disabled persons over 14 years old. Since its establishment, 291 mentally disabled persons have been admitted at the center, of which 217 have successfully been dismissed and 74 are still being trained. Different skills are taught to these children such as carpentry, sewing felt, painting, and etc. It should be mentioned that children’s work is monitored and their task is observed by the teacher. 

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