At the end of a week of breathtaking competition in Mashiz with a closing ceremony;

The Closing ceremony of the 5th Cultural and sporty festival of Mashiz children and the award ceremony of the festival, held on Monday at the conference Hall of Erfan College.

Publish Date: ۰۹:۰۵ - ۲۱ August ۲۰۱۸


According to TAB report, the ceremony was with presence of Chiefs of Welfare of the Kerman and Sistan-Baluchestan Provinces, the Security, Political and Social  Assisstant of Kerman Governorate, Director General of sport and Youth of Kerman Province, Governor of Kerman, financial and administrative deputy of Mashiz charity and a group of officials of the Institute of Mashiz were present at the awards ceremony of the festival with awards and medals.

Mashiz charity has the pleasure to be one of the largest and most well-known charity centers in the country which today has protected 300 children in 19 homes in Kerman, Sistan and Baluchistan, Bushehr and Qazvin provinces under the supervision of Mashiz.

Mashiz believe any investment structuring in the sport regardless not useful without regard to ethics and spirituality. Today, the sport community of country needs to a moral transformation. He said to the children of Mashiz, "You are hoping for the future of the Mashiz Foundation, and all those who work in this charity will look at your future, and your pride and achievement is the achievement of the Foundation, and I ask you, my children, to work with you." And the joy of using this opportunity to make your own body and soul and create a brilliant future for you.


Appreciate of Medalists and Heroes of the 5th Cultural and sporty Festival of Kowsar Mashiz children

Hamid Mollanoury, the head of the political, security and social affairs department of the governorate of Kerman, referring to the effective presence of Kowsar Mashi in various social and political activities.and said," Today, Mashiz is known as one of the most successful and outstanding charities in the country."

Dr. Sadeghzadeh, Director General of Welfare of Kerman province, also praised the institute of Mashiz as the pride of Kerman province and said: Mashiz Institute has entered various cultural and social fields and has been performing in all fields as well. "Today, Mashiz Institute is considered a successful nongovernmental organization in the country, which has become a powerful arm along with the well-being of the province and has taken high and effective steps in the field of pseudo-familiy centers and in solving social problems.

Appreciate of Medalists and Heroes of the 5th Cultural and sporty Festival of Kowsar Mashiz children


At the end of the ceremony, the winners and championships were awarded in 9 fields including athletics, table tennis, chess, girls volleyball, futsal boys, wiggle, cordage, darts, seven rocks and the top centers in the tournament. , Was celebrated.
In this tournament, the Ethics Cycle of the Boys 'Centers Team was awarded to the Mashiz Homeschooling Center and the Ethics Cup of the Girls' Centers teams to the Mashiz Zahedan Center.


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