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With the implementation of the agreements, the Shiraz Comprehensive Welfare Center in the city of Sadra has been set up in an area of 12,000 square meters and 6,000 square meter building will be allocate to Mashiz Charity

Publish Date: ۱۲:۰۹ - ۱۷ October ۲۰۱۸


Shiraz General Welfare Center in Sadr City will be transferred to Mashiz charity in 12,000-square-meter plot of land and to the 6,000-square-meter building. 

The Deputy Finance and Administrative Officer of Mashiz said," The assignment of this comprehensive center to Mashiz is an action aimed at further social development and helping to resolve social problems and harms in the country." Referring to the importance of the role of nongovernmental organizations in social development and reducing social harm in the country, he state," Today,Mashiz charity is one of the largest and most powerful charity centers in  the country with 19 H4C, 2 disabled centers, 4 medical centers and a massive educational complex.

Also, Sadeghi Nezhad pointed to the future plans of Mashiz charity, saying that one of the future goals and plans is to make Mashiz at the top level of the country and it seeks to set up a comprehensive social security prevention center in Shiraz.

giving over the Shiraz Comprehensive Welfare Center to Kowsar Mashiz Foundation


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